Herb Baseball Academy

 Its not just baseball, its family! 


Membership gives you unlimited access to use the facility when ever we are open, 1/3 discount off of group sessions, private lessons, camps/clinics, etc, and a one free hitting video analysis.

Please call 304-428-0838 or stop in and ask for pricing details. 

Recruiting Video

Instead of paying hundreds or thousands for recruiting services we can put together a video college coaches want to see. We will then help them with the process of contacting programs they have an interest in.

Member $90

Non-member $120

Iron Mike MP5 Pitching Machine

1 Hour-$40

1/2 Hour-$25

Bucket of 25 balls-$5

Machine can be set from 25-85mph. Coach Ryan can assist if needed. 

*Machine is available to rent to the general public Mon-Thur 5pm-9pm, Fri 3pm-7pm, and Sat Noon-7pm. Use of the machine is free for members during all open hours. If members want to reserve a time during the rentable hours there will be a 1/3 discount applied to the standard rental fee. User picks up balls at the end of each session. 


Academy Speed and Agility Training- Areas only training designed for Baseball and Softball.

Want to separate yourself from the average player? Ever have a blast doing conditioning? This session stresses the specific movement and strength training required for successful baseball and softball players. This is not your average conditioning hour. It is the only training in the region that targets specific baseball and softball needs while utilizing skill based drills. Combined with the flexibility hour there is no more comprehensive training available for the serious player. Past players will tell you that not only is this the most rewarding training they've ever done but the most fun as well. Good for all ages. Open to the general public.

** One of the keys to pro and elite college players....unbelievable flexibility. This session stresses the importance that baseball and softball specific flexibility training has in unlocking a player's peak performance. We are the only source in the region for this specialized training. If your player isn't doing a targeted flexibility workout they aren't realizing their full potential. Good for all ages. An absolute for serious players. Open to the general public.

ONLY $5 per session per week !

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Live Hitting Sessions   (10-12 players per group, 1 hr of simulated innings in our 60'x60' cage. Instructor present. 6 weeks)

9 to 12 year olds baseball live hitting

** Players will work on hitting drills and have batting practice with live player pitching. Large group session maximum 12 players. Instructor present. 

Middle / High School Live Hitting         * Will start back up Oct 2018. Good luck to all players in your spring season! *

** Hitters will face live pitching and learn proper tee work. A great hour for catchers to catch, pitchers to pitch, and hitters to see live pitching which is critical to staying ahead of the average player. Large group session maximum 12 players. Instructor present 

Middle School / High School Workout     (Will start back up in Oct 2018)
** This hour is open to any MS or HS baseball or softball player. This training will focus on drills in hitting, fielding, and throwing. Focus will shirft from week to week. Large group session maximum 12 players.

$14 per week for members, $20 per week for non-members

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Group Instruction 

Throwing/Velocity     (Will start back up Oct 2018)
** This is the hour that separates us most from every other training program in the country. Why do we have an average pitching velocity higher than a lot of college programs?? Its not because we recruit hard throwers its because we build hard throwers. Our showcase rotation last year peaked at 91, 90, 87, and 86 while getting stronger as the year went on and with zero arm injuries. Two years prior to doing the workouts they peaked at 80, 80, 78, and 77. Utilizing common sense techniques focusing on arm health Coach Ryan will get your player, regardless of position, realizing their full throwing potential. This is for players of all positions and ages and for baseball or softball. Large group session. 

6-8 year olds Hitting and Fielding     (Will start back up Oct 2018)

** Core fundamentals of hitting and fielding combined with a fun intense workout so they begin learning to love working out. For both baseball and softball. Small Group session maximum 6 players. 

Catchers     (Will start back up Oct 2018)

** This session open to both baseball and softball. Players will work on fundamentals and mechanics for the catching position. Session is for anyone who currently catches or interested in becoming a catcher. Small group session maximum 6 players. Instructor present.

Large group: $14 per week for members, $20 per week for non-members

Small Group: $20 per week for members, $26 per week for non-members

--- For schedule please go to the home page ---

Private Instruction (By appointment)

Baseball or Softball Hitting, Fielding, Throwing, Catching, or Pitching. 

$20/half hour for members, $30 per half hour non-members (double for an hour session)

Instructor run team practice 

You bring the team, we run the practice. Hour and a half practice 

$100 for members, $150 for non-members

Indoor Tee Ball

Herb Baseball and Softball Academy will have indoor tee ball for boys and girls ages 4-6. The sessions will be part game, part instruction, and 100% fun!  

Member $14 a week and Non-Member $25 a week

*** Coming Soon ***


1 Cage $25/hour

1 Mound $25/hour

Half Field Turf $50/hour

Full Field Turf $125/hour (Includes 1 cage)

Full Field Turf + 1 Mound $150/hour (Includes 1 cage)

1 Cage, 1 Mound, Half Field Turf $100/hour

Birthday or Event Rental

Sundays Only 11-2 or 2:30-5:30


3 hours

Full Field Turf (Includes 1 cage)

The Dugout

*Add $100 for use of the Iron Mike Pitching Machine


CALL 304-428-0838 or email j[email protected]

Feel free to call with questions!